Have Sanity

at Last Tango

group exhibition with Lisa Biedlingmaier, Anton Bruhin, Lissy Funk, Roman Gysin, Liz Magic Laser, Shirana Shahbazi, Manon Wertenbroek, Trevor Yeung


curated by Linda Jensen and Arianna Gellini


12.02.21 – 10.04.21


Installation view, upstairs space

Installation view, upstairs space


For thou art with me, 2021, wood, rope, 200 x 5 cm


Lisa Biedlingmaier’s works are sometimes looser, but no less controlled. She has smeared the window in swirls of fat that feel like a protective charm against invisible invaders. Her work explores knotted forms that echo human ones, portraits of embodied minds, twisted decorously around themselves.
Reading Rämistrasse #43: Leila Peacock on Have Sanity at Last Tango

Krypton Chandelier, 2021, metal, porcelain, leather, 130 x 200 cm



Relax, 2021, air freshner, wool, plexiglass, climbing rope, 400 x 66 cm



Zero I, 2021, plexiglass, 85 x 48 cm

Zero II, 2021, plexiglass, 90 x 51 cm (plexiglass); 180 x 75 cm (metal frame)


Bestial creature, 2021, glazed porcelain


Howlite, 2021, felt, ropes, resin, wool, metal, leather


For though art with me, 2021, rope, wood

Pegasus, 2021, rope, wood, porcelain

Net Work, 2021

rope, wood, oil paint, net







Photos: Kilian Bannwart and Lisa Biedlingmaier